Neeya Naana on Gender Bias

After seeing various MEMEs & Troll clips of recent Neeya Naana Show in Vijay TV, there are so many questions arising. Until now (till the time of typing the last period) I didn’t watch the episode.

But after watching the whole episode. I can confidently say the the whole show is so biased towards women, not for empowering them. But for to sole purpose of TRP. I don’t think Vijay TV will call such a defenseless participants  to one side of the most popular show on the channel.

Agree that black t-shirt girl is being trolled a bit more than she deserve. But I’m not saying she’s not at all deserve to be trolled. She’s just another blind victim of  western propaganda. She’s just defending girls who drink for the sake of argument. If she had any concerns for the country, culture. or society instead of defending alcoholism among women, she should’ve voiced against men being addicts to alcohol.

You can say that I’m taking culture to curb feminism. Let me explain why I believe in following our culture is important.

One of the main reason India is respected high among international countries is because of our culture. If  you speak of Indian culture Indian women holds the most part of it. Many thing we do in our culture has some reason behind it. Mostly to live healthier life. Most of them may no longer be needed in this medically advanced world. But most of our tradition is linked to healthier lifestyle.

Most of you are aware that we are 2nd in worlds most populated country in the world. India accounts for 17.5 percent of world population & India is 3rd largest economy (Just Googled it :D) That means India has more consumers and those consumers have more money to be spent.

By destroying our healthy lifestyle (aka culture) in the name of modernization. All those multinational pharma companies can easily sell their medicine worth billions of dollars in India.

Alcohol is one of the main reason for most the common health and social issues. Some of you may say our culture even had alcohol since ancient times. Those alcohol are not the one’s found in wine shops or pubs. Those are made naturally and those are said to be good for health and those in kinda beverages are banned by the government in favor of those distillery giants. But even today you can see many Palm wine shops (கள்ளு கடை/Kallu Kadai in Tamil) in many places in Kerala & Andhra that sell those ancient alcoholic beverages. But strangely enough Kallu (Palm wine) is banned in Tamilnadu.

So, alcohol consumption is not advisable for any one. Be it Men or Women. Why we especially say women must refrain from drinking? Because most of the women are naturally not as physically strong as men (some exceptions are always there). All those feminist also know that. Its not men’s fault its nature that produced women like that. Blame it on evolution.! Thus women is more venerable to health issues because of alcohol.

Here are few reports about effects of alcohol in human health Alcohol: A Women’s Health Issue – NIAAA Publications, The Effects of Alcohol on Women , Alcohol: Balancing Risks and Benefits

All the above reports say you need not to necessarily drink If you’re a women younger than 55 years old.

Enough on drinking. Now we’ll go to next thing.

Again the black t-shirt girl spoke about dressing. I guess I’m not willing to talk anything about that issue. Instead, please watch the attached video below for answer.

Dedicating to all #kerchief_Girls
Dedicating to all #Kerchief_Girls….
Posted by Neenga Panrathuku Peru Kadhala Di ? on Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Next. Another girl talked about girls driving skills. I personally while being on road, I don’t see many girls driving. But when I do see girls driving. 80 percent of the girls drive so rashly, and don’t follow rules properly.

Representational Image

Again its not men’s fault. Its nature that designed female brain the way that is not so suited for driving. Read in this article to know why. Again. Blame it on evolution!!!

Most of the girls in that show unanimously agreed that they are spending more money than boys. During the show, host Gopinath asked reason why girls are spending money so carelessly than boys? For which a girl replied she’s earning as much as a boy but she doesn’t have any burden or responsibility as to look after his parents or save for his sister’s marriage. This statement irritated me to the core. If you are talking about equality, then why don’t girls take responsible in family’s financial burden too? What an irresponsible mindset as to only boys should look after his family. Is this feminism?

The host also asked to boys what kinda girl you are expecting to be married to? What are the qualities the girl need have to marry you? Why didn’t he ask the same question to girls also?

When he asked a girl about what she think about Koodankulam issue? The girl doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. This is the level of knowledge most of the ‘so called’ feminist have.

I’m not saying girls not at all care for the society. But majority of the girls are kept away from many social issues.

I’m not against feminism. I also support equal rights should be given to girls and its high time that we do it now.

But. Equality isn’t just limited to drinking and riding a high end vehicles that boys do. Why don’t these TV shows motivate more girls to join armed forces to protect our country? Why don’t they motivate more girls to become lawmakers like Sushma Swaraj, Jayalitha (well, not exactly like her) or Hilary Clinton? Why don’t they motivate girls to entrepreneurs like Indra Nooyi or Chanda Kochar?

I guess these media houses will never want girls to become any of the above. If that happens the there wont be any girls watching their serials that show females in worst possible way.

So, guys and girls. All I’m trying to say is feminism is more than what’s shown on TV. And don’t fall prey to those TRP hungry pseudo feminist TV shows.

P.S: My sincere apologies if I had hurt anyone in my post.

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