US Marine Lands A Jet Plane On A Stool!

I can catch your mind saying ‘Lands a Jet on a WHAT?’. Yes! You read that right. He landed the Jet Plane on STOOL!

The US Marine pilot Captain William Mahoney found himself in an dreaded situation. When he came to know his front landing gear is malfunctioning just after taking off from an assault ship named USS Bataan owned by US Navy.
Lucky for him he was flying an AV-8B Harrier jet aircraft which has the capability to take off and land vertically, aided by its engines and four nozzles.
Even more luckily the US Navy had expected this kind of situations to arise, and they’ve designed a Stool that pilots can land their planes on.
But making such landing takes great focus and immense precision piloting to avoid damage to an aircraft costing millions of dollars, or, even worse, a board fuel ignition.
However Captain Mahoney had all the expertise, and landed the flight without any damage to the aircraft or to himself.
When asked about the event Captain Mahoney said.

“So I’m at 20 feet stabilising and I can’t see the stool. I don’t even know it’s there. I didn’t see it coming over the end of the ship; I remember looking for it, but I never saw the stool. At that point, I was sort of just along for the ride.”

Watch the video of his ride below…

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